“I Don’t Want to Marry My Girlfriend but her Parents made me rich”

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Should you marry for money???
Should you marry for money???

This topic pertains to people who feel indebted to commit or marry a partner because of the favors her family did for him or her not love. This is a sensitive and culturally relevant issue in Nigeria because parents often times get involved in relationships and want to reduce theirs child’s days of being single; so they give a helping hand or a push to their child’s boyfriends career so things can be easier for them or make them more financially ready to get married.

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I begin by asking, “ Is it right for you to receive enormous gifts, life changing contracts, and career favors from the parents of your boyfriend or girlfriend if you’re not going to commit to marrying them or you don’t love them? This is a predicament that some young men and women find themselves.

As a young bachelor or bachelorette we often find it hard to make ends meet as the economy and work market is very tough and saturated with people with multiple degrees and qualifications. Because of the lack of work for the many qualified people it may be easy to receive career favors from ur “baes” parents.

From these favors a relationship may come forth but what happens when the partner on the receiving end is no longer interested in the relationship or isn’t in love with their benefactor anymore. This is where the predicament lies. Should the man/woman stay in the relationship because they feel indebted to the other person or feel they should continue the relationship because of all the family has done for them? Or can the person really return all favors or money to the woman/man in exchange for their freedom.

In my Opinion I believe relationships shouldn’t be about what you can get or opportunities but if your girlfriend or boyfriends Parents want to help you Financially or Career wise you should take it only if you have good and future intentions with their child because if you use them to climb the success ladder and leave their child you’ll be tagged as an opportunist so it’s better you make your own success and choose your partner based on Love not Pity or Owed Commitment. Your thoughts?


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