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Psychologist Dr. Olumofin With A Model Of The Human Brain
Psychologist Dr. Olumofin With A Model Of The Human Brain

Some ladies who have searched, tried and over dated but are still single and are willing to date make some statements that stand in their own way or build negative mental archetypes. e.g.

  • “I’m done with men!”
  • “ I’m too old to attend weddings”
  • “I earn more than him so what does he have to offer?”
  • “Single ladies rock!!!”
  • “Don’t need no man to complete me”

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There’s nothing wrong with these statements but if you’re single and you want to date why stand in your own way or create unrealistic standards which 60% of the men in the demographic can not reach?

Let’s try to take control of our lives , free ourselves from the mental chains that society , family, friends have created for us. No one is going to spend more than a day being sad for you.
How do you emancipate your mind?

  1. Selflove ( remind yourself daily of your worth, your skills, your degrees,your beauty, your charming personality, achievements ,how much God loves you)
  2. Always ask yourself is this ( current situation) worth fighting for? Do I deserve more?
  3. Test-ReTest is method of measuring reliability. Reevaluate all relationships in your life that don’t produce consistent positive results.
  4. Don’t seek validation or constant approval from people because they may put you down to make themselves look good. Validate & Approve yourself according to how you were yesterday.


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