Letter to “I just got back” Ladies. Part III

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An Open Letter to the "I just got back ladies"
An Open Letter to the “I just got back ladies”


The Nigerian work force has been saturated with so many graduates from all parts of the world, some with even double and triple degrees : Bsc, Msc, PhD, MBA etc. To find a job now is such a daunting task. I’ve overheard some “IJGB” / foreign trained people make remarks like” I can’t believe that person has a job and he attended OSU or University of Ibadan??

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Some “IJGB” believe that jobs should run to their back doors and because of their foreign certificate they deserve job opportunities more than Nigerian trained employees. Industrial Psychologist and Consultants alike have asserted that it is not by your certificate that you move up in the corporate world but by your “On The Job” Attitude and Performance.

It doesn’t matter where you schooled. Your attitude to work, commitment, team-work, skills/ participation determine your success and result.

When companies do their monthly or yearly Performance Appraisal there is no separate sheet for foreign and Nigerian trained employees, only a separate sheet for those who perform well and those who do not.


Your Family background or Academic background should not determine how you treat or relate with people. Give people chances to prove themselves to you don’t make decisions or friends based on stereotypes.

Your road to SELF ACTUALISATION is not dependent on your degree or certificate alone but a cumulation of your Personality, Charm, Confidence , “Packaging”, drive, prayers and Most Importantly your ability to blend and adapt to new environments. God Bless


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