Letter to “I just got back” Ladies. Part II

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An Open Letter to the "I just got back ladies"
An Open Letter to the “I just got back ladies”


Some “IJGB” ladies who are fresh off the boat develop a Superiority Complex towards dating and meeting guys in Nigeria they believe that some “Naija” are not Posh enough for them.

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A Scenario Of These Interactions Play Out.

Doktormofin: “Pamela, my friend likes you, he thinks you’re so fine, he asked for your number. Should I give him?”

Pamela: “What’s his name? What Uni did he attend?”

Doktormofin: “His name is Jide , he attended Ekiti state University, he is a Medical Doctor.”

Pamela: “God forbid bad thing, he is not on my level “abeg”, my father did not pay €60,000 tuition for me to date Jide from Ekiti State University.”

They look down on guys, they are too picky, their standards are too high, they neglect personality traits of some guys and rather focus on what university he attended, what he drives and where he stays? Island or Mainland? The irony is that some “IJGB” ladies stay single for 3 or 4 years after they moved back to Nigeria and when reality sets in, they tend to go back to the initial guys who they rejected and said were too “random” or “basic”.


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