Letter to the Ladies Vol 1

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Heartbreak Is A Blessing
A heartbreak can be a blessing in disguise.

Heartbreak is a blessing

Part of the reasons for being created by God or your role on earth is to Love, Give Kindness, Support your kin, Embellish your environment.. Do Not let any guy hinder you from these precious things as a result of heartbreak.

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Most times when a woman is heartbroken she turns to defense mechanisms to help her through the situation. These defense mechanisms may sometimes be rebellious. For example drinking to get drunk, serial sex with random individuals, depression, and even excessive eating. These things will only have a malignant effect on you and stop you from your true purpose.

Whoever broke your heart has moved on and is happy. Don’t beat yourself up!!! Instead Re-brand and repackage yourself so he can bite his nails and say I really shouldn’t have. Real victory and real triumph comes after you overcome a bad situation. From a personal experience, I have done somethings to some ladies I am not proud of but I give respect to those of them who bounced back. Stayed Blessed.


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