Letter to the Ladies Vol. 5

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Must Your Next Be Better Than Your Ex?
Must Your Next Be Better Than Your Ex?

Must your Next Be Better Than Your Ex?

Don’t be in competition with your Ex it’s Detrimental. A lot of ladies today are single because they are looking for a guy who is better than their Ex boyfriend.
Recent studies show that 4 out of 7 Ladies are guilty of being in Competition with their Ex. Most Ladies are of the Opinion that their Next must be better than their Ex. they say things like ; I cant downgrade, i have passed that level, i’m bigger than that.

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For example because their Ex drove a Porsche, they can’t date a guy who drives a Honda, or Because their Ex bought them Louboutins and Birkins, their next must be able to afford such luxuries or their Ex Lives in Banana Island therefore their next must be well in the same category.

Psychologically this is a very irrational and myopic way of thinking because what if this “Next Dream Boyfriend” does not come along in 3 years?, what happens?, will you wait and keep waiting? Such behaviors and thought processing may lead to desperation and selling yourself for cheap down the road. There’s no need to be in competition with your ex because such competition won’t get you far and most times your Ex isn’t even paying you any attention.

This also applies to guys but the ladies take this more seriously because they are emotional and very competitive in nature. In my Opinion, I think ladies in this situation should look for a guy with potential, who believes in his dreams, support him, pray for him, love him regardless of what your Ex is doing or what your Ex just bought. In time your new Boyfriend will pair up with your Ex or even surpass him… then you’d have won both ways.


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