The Male Ego

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The Male Ego
My Musings On The Male Ego.

A Defining Characteristic Of Man & Yet A Major Reason For Breakups & Relationships Issues

According to Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, the ego is one of the components of the human mental apparatus which is mainly governed by the “Reality Principle”.

Ego Is The Enemy By Ryan Holiday courtesy:The Journey

This being said, the male go is one of the most popular psychological terms used in describing a man and his affairs.

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The male ego is responsible for a man’s success, it molds his drive, his resilience, attitude to work, his perception of the world, his response to threats, response to his wife, friends and family, it consists of a man’s sense of belonging and well being.

Despite all the good and prolific qualities associated with the male ego, it plays a major role in affecting and impeding a man’s relationship with his wife or girlfriend. Here are a few examples of a man’s ego at work.

  1. Some Nigerian men expect their wives to kneel down while presenting their meals to them.
  2. After a fight with their wife or girlfriends, men find it hard to apologize or just say “ I’m sorry” even when they are at fault.
  3. Most men always wait for their girlfriend’s or wives to call them first after a dispute, they would never pick up the phone to call first.
  4. Some men feel threatened when they meet a successful woman or if their wife makes more money than they do, this most times leads to breakups.
  5. Some Nigerian men request three freshly cooked meals a day from their wives without a care of her work schedule and without the assistance of a maid.
  6. The male ego gives no room for second chances in a case of infidelity.
  7. The male ego doesn’t like to be corrected, he is the “alpha” in every situation.
  8. Studies have shown that some of these examples have strained and ended a lot of marriages and relationships.

    So What Is The Solution?

    My advice to the ladies is that you study your man, know what makes him tick, make him feel like he’s the “King of England”, although you know the real power lies with you. Most importantly be diplomatic and pick your battles.

    For the fellas, simply leave your ego at work and focus on being the man she married not the CEO or Boss you have become. Our wives or girlfriends are our partners not our subordinates or slaves.


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