The Nigerian Wedding

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A Lovely Nigerian Couple On Their Wedding Day.
A Lovely Nigerian Couple On Their Wedding Day.

The Nigerian Wedding encompasses the pressures and cultural framework that make up a Nigerian wedding and the idea of marriage in Nigeria. I have enumerated the framework and some of these pressures below.

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1. Paternal pressure

Nigerian parents exerting pressure on their children to get hitched. They say things like: “I wanted to be a Grandparent by 60 !!!”; “See your friend Tola! She’s married and pregnant”; “Pastor said you should fast for 3 months so husband will come.”

2. Social media frenzy

If your wedding isn’t in Bella Naija, Wedding Digest or Nigerian wedding verified are you really married? Some brides put financial, mental and emotional strain on their partners just to out do their friends or have the biggest wedding of the year. Sometimes this causes friction between husband and wife before they even leave the wedding hall.

3. Expensive jewelry and wedding attires

I have overheard some Ladies say “if my gown isn’t Vera Wang I’m not getting married, or if I’m not wearing Red bottoms (Christian Louboutins) I’m not getting married. Red bottoms are now the official wedding shoes in Nigeria.

4. Destination weddings

The new “it” thing. There’s been some controversy over destination weddings. Some people are of the opinion that it’s a waste of money, others think its unnecessary stress since you’re Nigerian, why fly abroad when all your friends and family are in Nigeria? This is subjective, as the choice for some people is not about impressing others but doing what makes them happy and what they can afford.

5. Makeup and makeup artists

A wedding in Nigeria is such an institution and cultural staple that more than 50% of aspiring brides believe they will meet their future groom at a wedding so they don’t take their appearance lightly. This has lead to a boom in young ladies making careers out of applying make up on brides and their guests on the wedding day. As Nigerians we sometimes take things to the extreme, especially when we judge a bride by the makeup artist she used or didn’t use. You hear snide remarks like “That bride was random”.

What do you think of my analysis of Nigerian weddings? Please let me know in the comments section below.


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  1. Hmmn,I agree with you sir,…. But then asides the reasons stated in your post some people are their own problem ,more like they see marriage as an escape route …you have issues fix it….don’t think getting a spouse or having kids…would make you a better person

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