Letter to “I just got back” Ladies. Part III

An Open Letter to the "I just got back ladies"
An Open Letter to the “I just got back ladies”


The Nigerian work force has been saturated with so many graduates from all parts of the world, some with even double and triple degrees : Bsc, Msc, PhD, MBA etc. To find a job now is such a daunting task. I’ve overheard some “IJGB” / foreign trained people make remarks like” I can’t believe that person has a job and he attended OSU or University of Ibadan??

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Some “IJGB” believe that jobs should run to their back doors and because of their foreign certificate they deserve job opportunities more than Nigerian trained employees. Industrial Psychologist and Consultants alike have asserted that it is not by your certificate that you move up in the corporate world but by your “On The Job” Attitude and Performance.

It doesn’t matter where you schooled. Your attitude to work, commitment, team-work, skills/ participation determine your success and result.

When companies do their monthly or yearly Performance Appraisal there is no separate sheet for foreign and Nigerian trained employees, only a separate sheet for those who perform well and those who do not.


Your Family background or Academic background should not determine how you treat or relate with people. Give people chances to prove themselves to you don’t make decisions or friends based on stereotypes.

Your road to SELF ACTUALISATION is not dependent on your degree or certificate alone but a cumulation of your Personality, Charm, Confidence , “Packaging”, drive, prayers and Most Importantly your ability to blend and adapt to new environments. God Bless


Letter to “I just got back” Ladies. Part II

An Open Letter to the "I just got back ladies"
An Open Letter to the “I just got back ladies”


Some “IJGB” ladies who are fresh off the boat develop a Superiority Complex towards dating and meeting guys in Nigeria they believe that some “Naija” are not Posh enough for them.

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A Scenario Of These Interactions Play Out.

Doktormofin: “Pamela, my friend likes you, he thinks you’re so fine, he asked for your number. Should I give him?”

Pamela: “What’s his name? What Uni did he attend?”

Doktormofin: “His name is Jide , he attended Ekiti state University, he is a Medical Doctor.”

Pamela: “God forbid bad thing, he is not on my level “abeg”, my father did not pay €60,000 tuition for me to date Jide from Ekiti State University.”

They look down on guys, they are too picky, their standards are too high, they neglect personality traits of some guys and rather focus on what university he attended, what he drives and where he stays? Island or Mainland? The irony is that some “IJGB” ladies stay single for 3 or 4 years after they moved back to Nigeria and when reality sets in, they tend to go back to the initial guys who they rejected and said were too “random” or “basic”.


Letter to “I just got back” Ladies. Part I

An Open Letter to the "I just got back ladies"
An Open Letter to the “I just got back ladies”

Case Study : Nigeria.

Who is an “IJGB”? Any Lady who recently moved back from some specific foreign countries : USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland etc can be referred to as an “I just got back lady”.

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Based on Direct and Indirect Observation I found the need to write an article to some people i.e: guys/ladies who fall into this category because of some behavioural traits they posses which may not help them assimilate and adapt to their current environment which is Nigeria.

Social Psychologists believe that any individual who can successfully blend in 2 or more environments can easily gain success or the Appropriate Interactive skills for success. Disclaimer: This Article does not apply to all “IJGB” People / Ladies.


It is not breaking news that there has always been a very heated tension between Foreign Trained Lawyers and Nigerian Trained Lawyers. Foreign trained lawyers enroll in Bar 1 while Nigerian trained lawyers join the “IJGB” in Bar 2 where they all meet to pursue their dreams to become Lawyers. Based on interviews and surveys from some people I know in law school both Nigerian and Foreign Trained Lawyers.

Some “IJGB” look down on Nigerian trained lawyers, they refer to them as the “Locals”, they have little or minimal contact with them, they don’t want to sit beside the “locals” or Nigerian trained lawyers, they make fun of their dictions; saying they have “H” factor and “R” factor. The major cause of the disagreement is that some “IJGB” believe that they are superior to Nigerian trained and Nigerian trained lawyers are jealous of their fancy accents and degrees.. It was was said that some Nigerian trained lawyers have inferior complex for the “IJGB” hence they act defensively towards them.


Letter to everyone

A letter to everyone.
A letter to everyone.

Letter to everyone.

Cut Off all “zero” people in your Life

Social Psychology asserts that your Environment and Reinforcements ( Positive & Negative Reinforcements) around you shape your life and your success i.e your immediate surrounding, the friends and associates you keep act as a wheel in your life.. This being said, who is a “Zero” person?

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A zero person is anyone who :

  1. Is constantly in competition with you or dragging you into an unhealthy competition that will divert you from your goals and dreams.
  2. Anyone who never appreciates anything you do for them yet keep coming back for more.
  3. Any “ex” be it guy or girl who keeps standing in your way and preaching false love.
  4. Anyone who is never happy for you or about your progress and you’re even scared to share your good news with them.
  5. Anyone who is always the first to spread false news about you.
  6. Anyone who doesn’t share your enthusiasm or hunger for success, puts down your dreams or plans. Etc!
  7. Let’s all reassess our relationships, the people you keep around you and share your life’s secrets and plans with may determine your mental orientation and cognition.

    We all know what is best for us and the things we want to attain in life but sometimes we let emotions and sentiments get the best of us, we also put other peoples needs ahead of ours or we carry people along for years who we know don’t have our best interest at heart, we keep on giving people 3rd, 4th and 5th chances to put a dent in our path to “Self Actualization”.

    Please choose your Friends, Business Partners, and Lovers wisely.. Your enemies don’t have access or proximity to you but your friends do.


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