Ladies! Should The Size Or Price Of The Engagement Ring Matter?

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Engagement Ring
Would You Be Upset If Given A Modest Engagement Ring?

If your man isn’t financially equipped or can’t afford the “rock” or ring of your dreams and yet proposes, would you accept or reject his proposal?

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This article is inspired by an interesting story I heard from a close friend about a guy who proposed to his two year girlfriend with a ring which could be referred to as a “Full Stop” or “Dot ring” i.e the rock was so small and displeasurable to her.

She said “YES” and accepted the ring but didn’t wear it often or put the standard ring finger picture on social media. After a few weeks her boyfriend got angry and confronted her about not posting the ring out there or telling anyone, she lashed out and said this isn’t the ring of “my” dreams. They got into a fight which eventually led to their breakup.

Hence my question, should or does the size of the ring or rock matter in saying yes to your man? This issue requires a situational approach or solution as we all have different personalities, family backgrounds, or orientations.

In my opinion a ring should serve as a symbol of love or an interest in starting a new life with another person, the price of the ring should be based on your pocket or account at the time. The size of the ring should not matter what matters is the gesture or idea that someone wants to spend the rest of their life with you.

Most guys want to give their lady a big rock but what if there are more pressing issues like rent, business projects, or health issues. Should a man ignore these things or empty his account for a big Diamond? As a couple you can always upgrade your ring in time as you grow financially.

Competition amongst friends has made it a “sine qua non”, that is, an essential for ladies to have a big diamond on their engagement rings. Some ladies adapt their gait and the way they walk to match the size of their new rings. Some go to the extent of placing their fingers a certain way so the world can see their newly acquired symbol of marraige.

If that ring was very small, tiny, or cheap, would u walk and flash your engagement ring in a way that causes our eyes to squint?

Do what works for you in your own clime. Don’t pass on love the of a good man because of a variable that can be made a constant in due time.

What do think? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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